Programme Outcomes



The legal profession is considered as one of the noble profession and law students are bearing huge social responsibility on their shoulders. Our college takes the responsibility to provide and deliver legal knowledge where students are taught substantive and procedural laws through professional courses. We have five years and three years degree courses. Which provides knowledge of laws. We further have post graduation courses to develop the theoretical and conceptual understanding of the students.     

From the syllabus teaching the student know the basic idea and philosophy of law while studying the theoretical  and procedural laws the student acquires legal knowledge the meaning of legal words , skills of drafting etc. to build a successful career in law.



Professional Skill : To retain and boast professional skills required for legal practice such as  Fluent verbal Communication and Convincing , Counseling skills , pleading , drafting, Argument etc


Professional Ethics: It encompasses an ethical code which governs the conduct of person who is engaged in the practice of law and legal field. It is important for every legal practitioners to conduct themselves with integrity and  provide proper assistant to the court to secure justice and promote public confidence in the legal system.